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Transport Canada Office of Boating

Boating Safety

Come Play on the Water

Recreational boating is truly one of Canada’s favourite pastimes, and while IBC encourages you to “come play on the water,” we also want you to “KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.”

While many groups are undertaking different initiatives to make sure all your boating trips are return trips, it’s important you understand that safe boating is a shared responsibility. Once you have decided to become a recreational boater, you must do your part both before heading out and while on the water.

The information about water safety on this website is intended to help you and your family enjoy your boating experiences to the fullest. Click on the links under “Boating Safety” to find valuable information about such topics as lifejackets and PFDs, hypothermia, alcohol.

It would be good advice to print out this information and keep it as a handy quick reference to use before you head out on your next boating trip.

If you have further questions or require additional information about boating safety, please visit the Transport Canada Office of Boating Safety website .

Note: Information on this page is based on Boat Smart from the Start – A Family Guide to Safe and Responsible Boating, produced by Blaicher Marketing International Inc. in partnership with Reader’s Digest.

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